After half a century of political dictatorship over the process of thinking, during which Romanian society has undergone a strange and acute paralysis, we have witnessed a sudden plunge to the opposite extreme, the pseudo-critical speech, unintelligible, understanding and violent. More specifically, in 20 years of freedom we haven’t managed to articulate a culture of dialogue, to make the leap from the fist to argument. To this deficiency are added other scientific and cultural changes,  paradigm shift, time and the contemporary spirit diseases: hyper technology process, physics and quantum genetics challenges, human genome decryption, disciplinary complexity, multi-purpose logic, genetic engineering, the possibility to increase average life, slighting the idea of death, the ability of manipulation through mass-media, nuclear arsenal, informatics revolution, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, liquidation of boundaries between fiction and reality, virtual coherence, phenomenon of desacralisation, tourism in space, conflicts between faiths, fundamentalism, terrorism, sexual hedonism exacerbation, the proliferation of fatal pathogenic viral entities, cancer and other diseases with high morbidity, global warming, axiological relativism, social gerontology, economic globalization, financial imbalances, political instability, crisis of the meaning, orphan cosmic, existential vacuum, all this being realities that require an objective and lucid approach, a multi-type speech approach, inter-and transdisciplinary. The postmodern man lives in a world of scientific point of view, cultural and spiritual. Excessive single specialization makes it impossible the communication between people scientific fields, creating a monadical world, an impeccable orchestra trained in technical and artistic, but without a leader. Pluri-, inter- and transdisciplinarity is an approach that ensures consistency, logic approach, the arbitration between the various scientific fields, researchers of multi-, inter-and transdisciplinary being nothing but leaders of the orchestra of the spirit.


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